“It’s much easier to make money if you don’t care who you hurt. If you have scruples, it’s much harder to get rich.” 
― Shari Lapena, The Couple Next Door

“Her thoughts speed up and become less rational; her mind makes fantastic leaps. It’s not that things don’t make sense to her when she’s like this — sometimes they make ‘more’ sense. They make sense the way dreams do. It’s only when the dream is over that you see how odd it all was, how it actually didn’t make sense at all.” 

 Shari Lapena, The Couple Next Door

One of the most elating and baffling books I have perused. It required a lot of persistence to peruse this book since the plot was spinning around one primary issue, the kidnapping of a 6-month old infant from his home while her parents were away for a gathering next door.

So how about we begin moving forward without any more past due.
Anne a young lady remains with her significant other Marco and half year old little girl in a peaceful neighborhood. One night they are welcomed for supper by their neighbour Cynthia and Graham. They choose to go out and intended to keep an eye on her each thirty minutes as their neighbours needed to celebrate personally with no diversions. What pursues is a progression of occasions that changes the course of the story and makes you restless enough with the goal that you complete the book in one go.

Proceeding onward, criminologist Rasbach is the doled out analyst for this case. He has his doubts however keeps it saved. He has certain speculations which can’t be spoilt in this book review. He continues with the case and stunning situations develop. From Anne’s parents touching base on the scene to the historical backdrop of there guardians together. Anne’s past coming to frequent her and her Postpartum sadness uncovering her restless minutes, yet there’s a whole other world to be uncovered that can aggravate the cowardly which can only be done by reading this book.

“Everyone is faking it, all of them pretending to be something they’re not. The whole world is built on lies and deceit.”


As the case advances, Anne and Marco get a package with bloodied garments that they assume is off their girl. Both are alarmed as the bundle comprises of a note with the interest of payoff of 5 million dollars. They request help from Anne’s folks.

The creator depicts each character in detail and as the mysteries are out individually, you will come to realize that nobody is blameless, not in any case their neighbors, Cynthia and Graham.

The conclusion to the story is as chilling as the beginning and it keeps you pondering whether we can confide in the individuals whom we live with. It likewise discloses the need for a consistent discussion in a relationship with no secrets(ps: I am not a relationship expert).

Clearly, the child is found however what trails that will truly clear you off from your feet. You will be constrained to finish this book in one sitting on the off chance that you are a secret and spine chiller type fan. It merits your time and I trust you truly appreciate this book as I did.

“…nobody makes that much money without taking advantage of somebody. It’s much easier to make money if you don’t care who you hurt. If you have scruples, it’s much harder to get rich.” 






“Why does doing the right thing feel so bad?” 
― James Patterson, The 8th Confession

Pet Girl’s address indicated that her apartment was in the picturesque and cheapest part of the former barracks, a long walk from where we stood. And what got to me instantly was that Norma Johnson’s home was within viewing distance of Sea Cliff, where she’d gone to the Burke School—and where she’d been disgraced.” 


It took me 4 days to finish this book loaded up with remarkable plots, characters and cases. This book truly sets the benchmark for mystery books and Patterson in his most unpretentious way conveys a perfect work of art once more!

The story includes a club containing 4 ladies, each intently and personally identified with the plot, restricting them together as the story develops.

The opening scene is that of an impact site where yellow school transport has been blown separated, further examination uncovers that it was a portable meth lab. Lindsay, a cop by calling alongside her lady friends Claire(a specialist), Cindy(crime journalist) and Yuki(lawyer) attempts to decipher this bomb blast situation when they discover another homicide has been carried out. A vagrant by a nom de plume name of “Bagman Jesus” has been fiercely killed and no one knows the reason.

The story continues with the police at long last dropping the instance of “Bagman Jesus”. When a prominent homicide of a rich couple “Baileys” has been submitted and the police truly don’t realize that what was the weapon utilized for homicide.

As the story advances with the examination of the “Baileys Murder”, Cindy carries individually, researching the homicide of “Bagman Jesus”. Police can’t get any leads in any of the cases and are under enormous weight from the higher specialists.

Sara Needleman a style fashioner with a demeanour that can make you sweat is killed, and again the police can’t discover the homicide weapon.

The examination prompts nothing. No suspicious stamps on the body, No weapon utilized, How was the homicide arranged? Terrifying privileged insights surface from the past(for that you have to peruse the book) as these killings are connected to each other in a staggering manner. Clearly, the killer is gotten however how the case is fathomed and the subplots to this altogether savoring piece are very captivating.

My interpretation of the book is that it is elegantly composed. Keeping you snared to every one of the odds and ends that it brings to the table. The story and character advancement are smooth and no place will you feel exhausted. This book will genuinely engage you, in the event that you are an enthusiast of secret and spine chiller kind and make you question the respectability of individuals that you work with.



“Everything that we have built, everything we have made ourselves believe in, is a lie. The jobs, the money, the buildings, and the coffee and the media and the clothes we wear. We invented things and let them take over our lives. It was only meant to be this. Us and this world. You think it’s nonsense, of course. What you do still has some legitimacy. Art always does.”


A heart wrenching story of a failed writer who astonishingly got to marry the love of his life, but what comes after will really test there relationship to the core.

Debashish Roy a young writer, married to an over-achieving wife Avantika has a decision to make that introduces there relationship into testing waters. The decision is about, having a child after 10 long years of relationship.

The story starts with there argument about this topic and shows how often he was trying to avoid this topic. Deb’s best friend Shrey is a real asshole as all friends are, providing various irrelevant analogies to why he should not be having a baby. With the drama extending and exhausting Deb finally realizes that to give another chance to there relationship he has to do this for his wife. He has to take that leap of faith and trust there bond.

So when they finally decide to have a baby, they hit another roadblock. This time there own bodies against them. As things begin to unravel (I am not going to reveal much) they understand the importance of communication in a relationship and to understand that there is nothing called as “Secrets” while you are in a relationship.

Moving forward to the point where they finally become parents thanks to medical sciences (a hint) ,but life throwing another puzzle for them to solve. This time there perseverance and emotions begin to wither. But as they say time heals everything, you just need to be patient.

A book well-written with many sub-plots and anti-climaxes to keep you hooked for the better part of your time. In my opinion one of the few romantic novels that I liked without getting bored because of the style of writing that we generally see in Indian Authors. Nevertheless, a book worth your time and love.

-Atif Akhtar

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